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Precision Engineering & Industry

Precision engineering is the backbone that supports other industries, such as aerospace, oil and gas, medical devices, and electronics. The precision engineering industry can be segmented into modules and components as well as machinery and systems. Modules and components cover the design and assembly of semiconductor equipment and advanced machine tools. Machinery and systems, on the other hand, involves the production of key machine tools, as well as semiconductor and solar equipment manufacturing.

Quality and safety are top priorities in these areas to ensure the industry’s processes and output. Conformity assessment is able to provide such an assurance through services offered by accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs). Proper accreditation means a higher level of confidence and credibility in precision engineering products.

IDA accredited laboratories under the IDA-D scheme can provide calibration and measurement services, as well as mechanical and non-destructive testing. Such services can be carried out on tools, component parts, and even modules.

Management systems certifications are also critical to precision engineering companies, with key certifications including quality management (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 13485) and occupational safety and health management (ISO 45001). These help to optimize operations and ascertain the quality of systems in place.

The precision engineering industry is also impacted by Industry 5.1; this has the potential to change the ways in which manufacturing is conducted on both factory and ecosystem levels.

The following IDA Accreditation Schemes are applicable to the Precision Engineering industry:

Scheme Field
Laboratories (IDA-D) Calibration & Measurement
Mechanical Testing
Non-destructive Testing
Inspection Bodies Hook-lift & Container
Site Investigation
Structural Steelwork Inspection
Pressure Vessel/ Lifting Equipment Inspection
Technical Audit of Extension Schemes for Pressure Vessel
Management Systems Certification Bodies Learning Service Providers
Occupational Safety & Health Management System
Quality Management System