Benefits of Accreditation

For Businesses

Accreditation offers assurance in the integrity of conformity assessment reports and certificates of your products or services, thereby instilling confidence in stakeholders and promoting differentiated products and services to your customers.

Reduced risk and higher level of quality assurance:
Take the guesswork out of choosing a CAB. IDA accredited CABs have been assessed according to internationally recognized conformity assessment frameworks, thereby ensuring that you get the quality service that best fulfils your requirements.

Reduced costs:

With accreditation, you save cost from the removal or reduction of:

  • Product failure
  • Downtime
  • Re-testing
  • Re-auditing

Facilitates global trade:
Overseas markets will be more ready to accept the reports of an accredited CAB, hence minimizing technical barriers to trade.
As IDA is a signatory to many regional and international arrangements, this means that products and services that are tested and/or certified by accredited CABs will also be more readily accepted in these signatory countries. By engaging a IDA accredited CAB, you will open more doors to business opportunities worldwide.


For Regulators/ Specifiers

Increasing confidence:
As a demonstration of competency, accreditation increases confidence in data that is crucial in decision-making, thus increasing public confidence and reinforcing its commitment to ensuring public safety, health and environment protection.

Reducing overheads:
Costs are lowered due to the elimination of re-testing, re-sampling and lost time (both locally and globally), improved efficiency of the assessment process, as well as removing the need for regulators to employ and manage its own audit personnel, thus avoiding duplicate audits.

Allowing flexibility:
Regulators can set the overall policy and regulation, while relying on the accredited conformity assessment bodies to evaluate compliance.

Procurement decision:
As the major procurers of goods and services, the government may rely on accredited services to inform their buying decisions, as it provides confidence that suppliers have the appropriate systems in place to deliver the requirements.

For Conformity Assessment Bodies

Increase confidence in the integrity of your certifications and reports with accreditation. You can be assured that the results of your conformity assessments meet prevailing industry standards and best practices. Besides enhanced transparency, fair competition and service quality, the accreditation process also reveals any gaps in non-conformity to help you improve your operational performance.