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About International Directorate of Accreditation (IDA)

Our Role

International Directorate of Accreditation (IDA) is the international accreditation body. IDA maintains the integrity and impartiality of conformity assessment practices. The Council builds global trust in products and services by strengthening technical infrastructure for conformity assessments, as well as forging Common Accord (CAs) & Regional Accord (RAs) with our economic partners.

IDA is represented by various interested parties from the industry, government, academia and Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs). It is supported by 8 Council Committees as well as 15 Technical Committees with over 400 committee members and assessors, each overseeing specific fields and areas of accreditation.


To be the trusted partner for assurance of quality products and services locally and globally, we want to support the credibility of the practice of the conformity assessment to national and international standards.

What does IDA do?

IDA manages and promotes accreditation schemes and registration programs by performing these functions.

  • Assessing and giving recognition to competent conformity assessment bodies
  • Facilitating partnerships with government bodies and the industry on accreditation matters
  • Establishing and maintaining an international network for the mutual recognition and acceptance of conformity assessment reports and certificates across national borders
  • Raising awareness and encouraging the adoption of accredited Testing, Inspection & Certification services through outreach efforts and regular engagement with government bodies and the industry.