Smiling young employee or manager giving presentation working on flipchart in meeting room making business offer or reporting about project results, explaining new plan or idea to multi-ethnic team
Sr Name Category Duration Level
01 Foundation Auditing 06 Hours Foundation
02 Transition Auditing 7-12 Hours Practitioner
03 Internal Auditor Auditing 12-18 Hours Practitioner
04 Lead Auditor Auditing 35-40 Hours Professional


IDA Academy


Sr Standard Category Course Code





ISO 22301

Foundation FD102
Transition PRT318
Internal Auditor PRI201
Lead Auditor PF403




ISO 20000-1

Foundation FD103
Transition PRT319
Internal Auditor PRI202
Lead Auditor PF404




ISO 50001

Foundation FD104
Transition PRT320
Internal Auditor PRI203
Lead Auditor PF405




ISO 45001

Foundation FD105
Transition PRT321
Internal Auditor PRI204
Lead Auditor PF406




FSSC 22000

Foundation FD106
Transition PRT322
Internal Auditor PRI205
Lead Auditor PF407




ISO 22000

Foundation FD107
Transition PRT323
Internal Auditor PRI206
Lead Auditor PF408




ISO 9001

Foundation FD108
Transition PRT324
Internal Auditor PRI207
Lead Auditor PF409




ISO 14001

Foundation FD109
Transition PRT325
Internal Auditor PRI208
Lead Auditor PF410




ISO 27001

Foundation FD110
Transition PRT326
Internal Auditor PRI209
Lead Auditor PF411





Foundation FD111
Transition PRT327
Internal Auditor PRI210
Lead Auditor PF412




ISO 26000

Foundation FD112
Transition PRT328
Internal Auditor PRI211
Lead Auditor PF413




ISO 31000

Foundation FD113
Transition PRT329
Internal Auditor PRI212
Lead Auditor PF414




ISO 13485

Foundation FD114
Transition PRT330
Internal Auditor PRI213
Lead Auditor PF415

About the Scheme

The accreditation scheme for Certification of Persons was launched in 2010. This new scheme aims to increase the industry’s confidence in personnel certification by providing third-party assurance of the competency and impartiality of accredited Personnel Certification Bodies.

Accreditation Criteria

IDA accredits certification bodies that can demonstrate compliance with the following requirements and scope:

Programmes Accreditation Requirements Certification Standards
Business (Management) Consultants ISO/IEC 17024 TR 43

Other Programmes

  • Counterterrorism Personnel
  • Financial Planners
  • Medical Technologies
  • Non-Destructive Testing Personnel
  • Rope Access Personnel
  • Welding Personnel
  • Others
ISO/IEC 17024 Various applicable standards


Accreditation will:

  • Provide assurance to employers, industries and the general public on the competence of certified individuals
  • Endorse professionals who have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their duties well
  • Enable international recognition of professionals for their abilities


The accreditation process involves an onsite assessment to validate if the CB operating a PC programme is competent and meets the globally accepted benchmark for personnel certification. After the initial award of accreditation, there will be surveillance visits to ensure continual compliance to the IDA accreditation requirements.

The scheme requires Personnel CBs to follow a systematic and impartial approach in the assessment of the competence of professionals such as welders, medical technologists, NDT personnel, financial planners and business consultants.

This accreditation scheme will provide a transparent system for assessment and recognition of competence and qualifications of workers, which is needed to support the workforce development efforts of the public and private sectors.

The detailed description of the accreditation process can be seen below: